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Biang lives in the deepest gorge of every woman’s psyche; she is adamant, she is raw, she is illustrious, she is cold as stone yet delicate like the clouds.

... And she mothers five siblings: Soleil, Aalto, Lloeren, Veza & Teget. They coexist and complete each other. One piece evolves and gives birth to another. Each piece share something in common with the other and yet they are unique in their own ways. The strongest gene passed over is the color of their skin and the composition of their bones. Each piece came from Biang is strong yet humane, harsh yet quiet, reserved yet cultivated, and content, yet savage.

"Biang" (read as: 'Bee-ahng') means "The Source" in Bahasa. It also can be interpreted as "The Core", "The Mother" and also, "The Stubborn One".



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