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This time around we have the honour to collaborate with Chrystaline Lukman, an Indonesian-blood, Berlin-bred and London-trained Fashion Designer. Attracted by the color from African Wax print fabric, we found out that this prestigious cultural icon from the West Africa is originated from no other, Javanese Batik. Back in the 1800s when the Dutch invaded Indonesia, they continued sailing to Africa bringing sets of Indonesian Batik and that's how the fabric got introduced in the land of dust. There, pattern is far more expressive, free and cheerful - just like the people - yet, still, tell a story about global politics, culture, and economy - a series of records in the continually shifting landscapes of contemporary tastes and identity, just like what Batik represents in Indonesia. A universal chant? A culture clash? 


For what it's worth, we, just like Chrystaline, are here to absorb all the uplifting vibes and inspiration from these prints - we hope you are inspired too.



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