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ZLA·BA; ཟླ་བ; Moon.

Shop. Atelier. Escapade. Home.

Ready-to-wear Art at Its Finest.


Through the sweet sentiment of art and nostalgie and meticulous craft detailing work - ZLABA thrives to provide a little something (always personal, always close to the heart) something in jewelry, accessories and home decor forms - all is hand-sculpted by love and the prime selections of raw materials from Indonesia and the places where owners have traveled.

ZLABA itself is a solivagant ponderer, every single piece that ZLABA produces are coming from enthusiasm and passion, they are designed for the eyes of those who can recognise aesthetic and quality, thus also not to put aside the practical and value aspect - everyone has to be able to wear it daily. It is suppose to lighten your head and trigger creativity to your mind.

ZLABA team collaborates with wide-expand of local artisans and artists in order to incubate fresh ideas gradually. We are also a family of environmentalists and have always sourced our materials ethically.

We believe in value. We believe in elegance. We believe in modesty. We believe in realness.

We are always in the process of elevating the standard of our material and craftsmanship, but also, we are just normal people who believe that everyone should spend wisely — fine creations and sensible price are always something that we want to keep in balance. Because to our sense, good products should belong to everyone who can appreciate it.

The rules are simple - It has to be organic and light, it has to retain quality, and it has to last more than just a single trend. It is suppose to be with you for years to come, as some memories you can always open in 1, 2 or 5 years from now to recall the person you had been in sweet moments of your life, as timeless as the moon's ray at night outlasting seasons and dreams.

We thank you for your purchases and support, these keep us going. We hope you enjoy our creations, just remember, when you bring a ZLABA item home, you’re not just bringing a product, you’re keeping a piece of our love. A fragment of someone's devotion.



ZLABA was founded by a couple of artists; photographer / creative director Noran Bakrie (link) and painter / actress Salvita De Corte (link), in early 2013 and officially opened on Sunday, 23 June 2013. It was a supermoon night.

Noran is a cum-laude graduated University of Indonesia almamater, daughter of a modernist architect and a conservationist, while Salvita autodidactically learns about fine art from her father, the infamous Bali expressionist painter Salim.

In 2016, Chrystaline Lukman joins the team, followed by Hapsari Koesnadi. Chrystaline studied fashion in Middlesex University, London, while Hapsari has spent years in creative event production and recently been studying about product design materials specifically rock and minerals, and other constructive materials such as resin, concrete and porcelains.

Since 2016, ZLABA has grown and managed by a small team who came from various background (fashion, advertising, conservation biology, you name it) - which makes ZLABA becomes a melting pot of ideas for those whose souls are brimming with creativity.

Right now, ZLABA HQ is located in busy district of West Pejaten, South Jakarta -- while the studios are in the mountains of Penebel and Gianyar, Bali - amongst massive rice fields, lush forests, quiet temples, and untouchable by internet reception.

As you can see, we love our balance. :)


ཐུགས་རྗེ་ཆེ; Thank you.



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