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Crescent Shell Earring


Crescent Shell; this single earrings series is made for the free spirit, the flower child, the zealous wanderer - it is for them who are chill, self-assured, confident, and never second-guessed their decisions.

Crescent Shell I features the mollusk of one tooth simnia specimen (Simnialena Uniplicata) that has gone through years of abrasion process. Crescent Shell II features the mollusk of pear whelk specimen (Busycotypus Spiratus Piruloides), also, has gone through years of abrasion process. Originally, they're not crescent-shape. Both shells are collected from the shore of Sanibel Beach, Florida, USA.

Strictly created from .925 Silver. Hand-sculpted, scored, bent and soldered in Bali.

Shell (pendant) size is about; 

Crescent Shell I : 0.8" x 2" (when worn)

Crescent Shell II : 0.6" x 1.8" (when worn)

Limited pieces item. Only 2 are made.


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