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Gempita Runner


Runner #3; Gempita.

Handwoven by devoted Sumba artisans, and then continued to be handbeaded by Bali artisans, a piece of runner took about 2-3 months to finish. Colors are organically dyed with nature ingredients, such as turmeric for yellow tint, indigo dye (daun nila) for blue tint, noni skin (kulit mengkudu) for red tint, and many more. There are thousands of beads on one fabric, and each bead is woven manually by hand.

Dimension: 20"x 50"

Their sizes are perfect for table runner, also work as wall tapestry (wall art decoration).

Gempita is designed to be one-piece-only item. You will not find any similar piece in this whole wide world.


Find tips for fabric care here


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