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Rock Poise Necklace


Rock Poise; the series of Rock Poise sisters resembles those chapters where the soul finds a balance between convivial life and solitary life, a point in life where everyone will reach sooner or later.

Featuring pieces of white dead finger leather coral specimen (Lobophytum Verrucossum) collected from the shore in Pink Beach, Lombok. Strictly created from .925 Silver. Hammered  and wrapped in high-gloss finish. Hand-sculpted, scored, bent, soldered and hammered in Bali.

Chain length is 16" (or around 40 cm), while for pendant size;

Rock Poise I : 1.8" x 2" (when worn, coral dimension included)

Rock Poise II : 1.2" x 1.2" (when worn, coral dimension included)

Rock Poise III : 1.2" x 1" (when worn, coral dimension included)

 Length Chart


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